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Phil Webb ASWPP – Cheltenham Wedding Photography

As a Cheltenham wedding photographer, I have photographed weddings at various venues and locations throughout the Cotswolds and further afield around the UK. From small family celebrations to larger gatherings, city centre registry offices, church weddings, civil ceremonies to high end country manor house hotels.

Some of the venues I have worked at are stunning. Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham, The Matara Centre in Kingscote, Gloucestershire and The Hatherley Manor Hotel. I am delighted to be a preferred partner wedding photographer at  these three superb wedding venues. Everybody naturally loves a great venue to work at, however for me it is all about capturing the emotion and the special moments of the wedding day.


Cheltenham wedding photographer - Phil Webb

My “style” of Photography

My style of photography has been inspired by the use of light, emotions and capturing one off moments. I love to capture the fun, love, laughter and emotion of a wedding day. For the vast majority of a wedding day I am in “documentary mode” capturing natural, candid, unscripted real moments as your big day unfolds.

Most of the wedding day I will make use of the natural light available to me to capture your pictures. I like to get more creative in the evening when I am able to add light into pictures, for instance at the first dance the party and creative evening portraits.

One of the most creative parts of the wedding day for me is when the sun starts to go down. This is when we can get some truly magical evening pictures. Together we can capture one of my Signature Sundown Shots.

Attention to detail is very important to me. After your wedding day I will edit and retouch all of your pictures individually in my unique style to ensure they are all absolutely perfect for both of you.

In brief, five words that sum up my Wedding Photography; Unobtrusive, Creative, Professional, Relaxed, Reliable.

Creative Lighting and Planning Ahead

When most couples and guests arrive at a wedding venue they see what is in front of them, below left picture. I see this too, however, I am also looking to see what I can create for my couples using the landscape and features available to me. In the example below, I explained my vision and plan to the happy couple and they were very keen to collaborate. We needed to wait for sundown to make the picture work. While everybody was enjoying the wedding breakfast, I got to work to set up a couple of lights to make the picture work. I placed one speed lite with a green filter on it in the bushes to light the trees and other foliage. Then a second speed lite was in place ready to light the couple when they came out. When the wedding breakfast concluded the bride and groom joined me outside, they got in position, we took a couple of test shots. Then we captured the shot. Both myself and most importantly the bride and groom were delighted with the result. All completed with the couple in minutes.Bride and Groom night portrait next to lake


Your wedding day – It’s all about you

Every couple’s priorities are very different and every wedding is different. It is important to chat through your plans with you for your wedding. The finished photographs you receive will become the pictures you treasure and will recall for the rest of your lives and for generations to come. For most of your wedding day I will take pictures naturally, completely blending in with your guests. Following your ceremony, we can capture the formal group photo’s you would like. We can then go for a stroll together away from your guests to create some wonderful relaxed bride and groom pictures. I can suggest various locations to shoot, a little guidance on composing the pictures and how to stand in front of the camera. The bride and groom photographs usually take around fifteen to twenty minutes, then back to your guests for a drink or two.

I have been a regional finalist (The South West of England) in the largest wedding awards competition in the Uk. The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) in 2017, 2018, 2019 and most recently 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Approximately how many pictures will we get?

    The length of time I spend with you on your big day will reflect on the amount of finished images there will be. On average approximately 1,000 individually finished high resolution pictures for a full day. Any pricing questions please come across to my pricing page.

  • How do we get our pictures?

    The high resolution digital images will be supplied via your own password protected online gallery. There are no watermarks on any of your images and there are no copyright restrictions. Because the images are all yours, you can share & print as much as you like. I also produce a slideshow of a selection of your images set to your first dance music. The slideshow will be supplied on DVD. For your security I keep two back up copies of every wedding I photograph on solid state drives.

  • Do you take Colour and Black and white pictures?

    I take all the pictures in colour (in a “RAW” format). This is to ensure as much digital information is captured within each image. When I get them on the computer I will look at each image individually. Some pictures lend themselves to colour some to black & white and others to both. If it is the latter I will duplicate the finished colour image and convert the duplication to black & white. So you have the same image in both formats.

  • How will our guests be able to see our finished pictures?

    Every couple has a password protected gallery. You can give access to this gallery to individuals, friends and family. As soon as you receive your gallery it is just a simple button click to share your gallery with a specific individual and or friends and family. Your guests can also order prints, a canvas and or framed pictures as well as downloading images if they would like.

  • Could we meet with you before we book?

    I meet all couples, we must ensure we are right for each other. Your photographer will probably spend more time with you on the day than any other person! As your wedding photographer I need to know what is important to you on your wedding day and any “do’s or don’ts”. Or it may be the case that you just want me to shoot away as the day unfolds. I take what I do incredibly seriously, in saying that, my approach to shooting your wedding is done in a relaxed and unobtrusive way. Please check out my testimonial page. I want your pictures to be the best they can be! So in short, yes we’ve gotta meet up.

  • Does it take a long time to get our pictures?

    The average turn around time is between one week and ten days. During the very busy summer months this can drift to three weeks. There is only one of me, I know how keen you’ll be to see your pictures. I will your pictures completed as efficiently as possible, without compromising the quality.

  • Albums?

    If you did not include an album in your original package you can arrange an album at any point after your wedding. Once you have received your images. Give yourselves a period of time to look through them and select the ones you would like in an album. I will put a layout together for you on my computer for you to view as a proof before manufacturing commences. After approval your album will be ready within 7 – 10 days.

  • For how long are you with us on our wedding day?

    To get the most complete story of your day, all day is best. It is up to you, your are the boss. I can be with you all day or half a day. If I am with you all day, my coverage will include; the preparations through to your first dance, party pictures and evening/sundown bride & groom pictures.

  • Have you got insurance?

    Yes I am fully insured, I have professional indemnity and general liability insurance.

  • What training have you had and how do you keep up to date?

    I’m the sort of person who firmly believes that no one has ever made it in life, whatever they do and at whatever level. Whether that be in business, sport, as a photographer or even a surgeon. The medical profession for example continue professional education way after they have qualified. A year or so after getting my diploma in photography I was awarded the qualification LSWPP with the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers. In 2018 that qualification was elevated to Associate (ASWPP). The qualification ASWPP is held by only the top 10% of wedding and Portrait Photographers who are members of the SWPP and they are impressive and consistent image makers. I have also listed below some of the photography workshops, seminars and lectures I have recently attended.

    Flash & Wedding Photography – Brett Harkness
    Studio Lighting & Mastering Flash – Damien Lovegrove
    Shooting the Bride and Groom & Studio Flash – Mark Cleghorn The Digital Photography Show – Joe McNally
    Wedding Photography – Kate Hopwell Smith
    Effective use of light – Lisa Beaney
    Studio Portrait Lighting – Simeon Quarrie
    Fashion Photography – Quentin Caffier
    The Story of the Wedding Day – Brett Florens
    Lighting & Posing the Bride & Groom – David Stanbury
    Refine the Pose & Define the Light – Sanjay Jogia
    2018 Ninedots Gathering
    2019 Ninedots Gathering

  • A couple of Tips/Advice - For your Wedding day

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    If you would like a copy of my GDPR I will send a copy to you by request.