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Award winning Cheltenham Wedding Photographer

Phil Webb ASWPP


As a Gloucestershire wedding photographer, I have photographed weddings at various venues and locations throughout the Cotswolds and further afield around the UK. From small family celebrations to larger gatherings, city centre registry offices, church weddings, civil ceremonies to high end country manor house hotels.

Some of the venues I have worked at are stunning, for example, Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham where I am a preferred partner wedding photographer. Everybody naturally loves a great venue to work at, however for me it is all about the people and the emotion on their wedding day. Delighted to also be a preferred wedding photographer at The Matara CentreKingscote Barn and  Ellenborough Park.

On your big day, my job is to get it right for you. Each couple’s priorities are different and every wedding is different. It is so important to chat through your plans with you for your wedding. I capture memories, I want the images that I give to you, to be the ones that you want to recall and treasure. For most of your wedding day I will take pictures naturally, completely blending into the background like one of your guests. Following your ceremony, we can capture the formal group pictures you would like. We can then go for a stroll together away from your guests to create some wonderful relaxed bride and groom portraits. I will suggest various locations to shoot, a little guidance on composing the pictures and how to stand (pose). This usually only takes around fifteen minutes, then back to your guests for a drink or two.

Very proud to add that I have been a regional finalist (The South West of England) in the largest wedding awards competition in the Uk. The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) in 2017, 2018 and most recently 2019.


phil web photography - Cheltenham Wedding Photographer

My “style” of Photography

My style is predominantly natural photography, capturing unscripted moments complemented with portrait photography. This combination will ensure your day flows very naturally and the formal pictures we capture will become treasured memories of your wedding day. An approach that is unobtrusive and very relaxed.

I also love to capture images of couples as the sun is going down, these pictures usually have a big WOW factor as we can get a little more creative!

For the vast majority of your wedding day I blend into the background in a documentary/reportage style capturing candid natural moments, anticipating the moment. Most couples feedback is something along the lines of “I didn’t even know you were there!” Even my cameras have a silent shutter, so no constant annoying click-clicks throughout your day.

Attention to detail is very important to me. After your wedding I will finish all of your pictures individually.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Approximately how many pictures will we get?

    The length of time I spend with you on your big day will reflect on the amount of finished images there will be. On average between 400 & 600 individually finished photographs.

  • How do we get our pictures?

    ALL of your high resolution images will be copied onto USB. I will also put a folder of low resolution images ideal for use on social media on your USB too. The same pictures just in a smaller file size. The USB will be in a presentation box. There are no watermarks on any of your images and there are no copyright restrictions. The images are all yours, you can share & print as much as you like. In addition I also produce a slideshow of a selection of your images set to your first dance music this will be on your USB & on DVD. For your security I keep two back up copies of every wedding I photograph.

  • Do you take Colour and Black & White pictures?

    I take all the pictures in colour (in a “RAW” format). This is to ensure as much digital information is captured within each image. When I get them on the computer I will look at each image individually. Some pictures lend themselves to colour some to black & white and others to both. If it is the latter I will duplicate the finished colour image and convert the duplication to black & white. So you have the same image in both formats.

  • Editing, do you ``Photoshop`` our pictures?

    Editing, post processing or “photoshopping” is a very important part of giving you a finished product. I will only edit pictures to enhance them and I do it with great care. Typical edits usually cover the following; exposure, tone and colour adjustment, blemish/spot removal, or the removal of a simple object that does not enhance your image. Please see some before and after examples below.

    wedding pictures bride
    wedding pictures bide

    The two images above are of a model during a workshop not a bride. Above, I have cropped the image a little to adjust composition. Then adjusted the skin tone, smoothed the skin a little and a little blemish removal. Much more pleasing on the eye and I think the finished image looks very natural.


    wedding pictures tortworth court groomsmen
    wedding pictures tortworth court groomsmen

    Road signs are obviously a critical and important part of road safety. Apart from when there is one on top of the groomsman’s head!!! The sign on the left hand side needed to go too for balance.

    wedding pictures church bride groom
    wedding pictures bride groom church

    The entrance of the bride is one of the most eagerly awaited moments of any wedding day. On this image I have corrected the natural horizon of this old chapel and given the overall image some “punch”

    wedding pictures tortworth court
    wedding pictures tortworth court

    Most great wedding pictures are the natural ones. I feel this is one of them. Apart from the car that decided to exit the venue just at the wrong time (the car behind the groom). A couple of lights to the right of the bride are a slight distraction as well. The overall image I feel vastly improved by their removal. I love this picture!


    wedding pictures tortworth court
    wedding pictures tortworth court

    One of those safety signs behind the brides head is trying to spoil things.

  • Will our guests be able to see our finished pictures on your website?

    Every couple have an online password protected gallery for friends and family to see your pictures. From the same page your guests can also order prints, a canvas and or framed pictures if they would like.

  • Could we meet with you before we book?

    I meet all couples, we must ensure we are right for each other. Your photographer will probably spend more time with you on the day than any other person! As your wedding photographer I need to know what is important to you on your wedding day and any “do’s or don’ts”. Or it may be the case that you just want me to shoot away as the day unfolds. I take what I do incredibly seriously, in saying that, my approach to shooting your wedding is done in a relaxed and unobtrusive way. Please check out my testimonial page. I want your pictures to be the best they can be! So in short, yes we’ve gotta meet up.

  • Does it take a long time to get our pictures?

    The average turn around time is between one week and ten days. During the very busy summer months this can drift to three weeks. There is only one of me, I know how keen you’ll be to see your pictures. I will your pictures completed as efficiently as possible, without compromising the quality.

  • Albums?

    Yes. Once you have received your images. Give yourselves a period of time to look through them and select the ones you would like in an album. I will put a layout together for you on my computer for you to view as a proof before manufacturing commences. After approval your album will be ready within 7 – 10 days.

  • For how long are you with us on our wedding day?

    To get the most complete story of your day, all day is best. It is up to you, your are the boss. I can be with you all day or half a day. If I am with you all day, my coverage will include; the preparations through to your first dance, party pictures and evening/sundown bride & groom pictures.

  • Have you got insurance?

    Yes I am fully insured, I have professional indemnity and general liability insurance.

  • What training have you had and how do you keep up to date?

    I’m the sort of person who firmly believes that no one has ever made it in life, whatever they do and at whatever level. Whether that be in business, sport, as a photographer or even a surgeon. The medical profession for example continue professional education way after they have qualified. A year or so after getting my diploma in photography I was awarded the qualification LSWPP with the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers. In 2018 that qualification was elevated to Associate (ASWPP). The qualification ASWPP is held by only the top 10% of wedding and Portrait Photographers who are members of the SWPP and they are impressive and consistent image makers. I have also listed below some of the photography workshops, seminars and lectures I have recently attended.

  • A couple of Tips/Advice - For your Wedding day

    After photographing a great deal of weddings over the years I wanted to share a few tips. Maybe a few things to consider and ponder. The information below is a collection of observations and experiences I have gained over the years and wanted to share with you. Most of the points are very small and could seem quite insignificant. But they could make a big difference to you and your big day. Hope this helps you!


    Most florists will pack your flowers with the stems of each bouquet in water. Suggestion – Before you are due to make your way to the ceremony dry off the stems of the flowers. This will prevent a damp patch on yours and your bridesmaids dresses.

    Bridal Preparations

    If you are getting ready away from home take a little emergency kit. Needle and cotton, a couple of safety pins, pair of scissors, headache tablets and couple of plasters.

    Dress & Veil

    Make sure your dress shop gives you (mum, bridesmaid/s) a thorough run through on fastening your dress and in particular your veil. I have seen so many veils discarded as fitting them securely just before the bride leaves for the ceremony was an issue.

    Telephone numbers

    Remember to have a list of telephone numbers with you for your providers for your wedding day. Photographer, Make up, Hairdresser, Flower supplier, Cake maker, DJ, Car/Chauffeur company, Dress and Suit provider.

    Strap marks

    If you are going away somewhere hot on your hen spare a thought for strap marks on your shoulders for your wedding day.

    Panda eyes

    Keep hydrated for a good few days before your wedding, lots of water will keep your eyes looking fresh.

    Engagement Ring

    Make sure you put your engagement ring on another finger before the ceremony.

    Walking down the aisle

    When you walk down the aisle with your escort be sure to keep your head up. Your pictures look so much better when you are looking ahead.

    Seats for Bridesmaids

    Prior to your ceremony ensure your bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys have had their seats reserved for them.

    Entrance into the Ceremony

    Are your bridesmaids coming in before or after you? It is entirely up to you. If they are coming in after you, pictures of them will be limited as they walk in as they will be behind you. If they come in before you make sure you leave a good space for your bridesmaids to walk down the aisle and find their seats before you enter. This will ensure you get great pictures of you making your entrance with your escort.

    Formal/Group pictures

    If you would like formal/group, family pictures after your ceremony. I would always advise putting together a list of what you would like so nothing is missed. You should be mindful that group pictures can be time very consuming. I am more than happy to do group pictures, but just make sure it does not take too much time out of your day. As a suggestion or a starting point;

    • Bride & Groom with the bride’s parents.

    • Bride & Groom with the groom’s parents.

    • Bride & Groom with the both sets of parents.

    • Bride & Groom with the bridesmaids.

    • Bride & Groom with the groomsmen.

    • Bride & Groom with the bride’s immediate family.

    • Bride & Groom with the groom’s immediate family.

    • Bride & Groom with the everyone.

    • Bride & Groom portraits in various locations, daytime and evening.



    Before or after the wedding breakfast? Again this is your choice. Most venues prefer you to do the speeches after the wedding breakfast. They can then be certain of the timings for sitting down and serving each course. However if you want the speeches before you eat discuss this with your wedding co-ordinator at the venue.

    Church Weddings

    Some Ministers/Vicars will not allow any photography during the ceremony at all! If you are having a church wedding please check this out with whoever will be conducting your service. As your photographer I will always attend a church rehearsal. To ensure I can have a conversation with the Vicar to go through photography on the day. This always works well and I think is a must for a church wedding. I switch my cameras onto silent shooting mode for the ceremony so no annoying clicks.

    Engagement Shoot

    An engagement shoot or pre wedding shoot is such a great way of getting used to being in front of the camera. You will also get some great images!


    You may be considering having your wedding day professionally captured on video. As with photographers, each videographer has his or her own style and way of working. I have worked with several videographers over the years, the vast majority of whom have an ethic and a way of working which is very compatible with mine.

    If you employ a videographer, we will both be capturing similar moments potentially composed slightly differently. It is inevitable that your videographer and or their camera equipment will appear in some of your pictures. I make every effort to ensure that this is kept to a minimum. If you are having a video of your wedding it would be invaluable to know this before the big day. I am also very happy to share recommendations  of videographers.



    This section may be worth sharing with your guests, entirely up to you. It is YOUR day and your decision. As a professional wedding photographer I see so many different things at weddings, most of them utterly fantastic full of emotion, love and tears. The moments that really make wedding days special. Weddings are truly the best things to be involved in. One thing I will guarantee you. Your wedding day will be, without doubt one of the best days of your life!! Just ponder that for a second….

    When I am booked to photograph a wedding I always give every wedding 100% to ensure couples’ pictures are as good as they possibly can be.

    If I were planning a wedding I would without doubt do the following. Send an e mail, letter and or text message to every guest attending the ceremony. Politely asking them not to take pictures at any point during the entrance of the bridal party, the ceremony and the exit of the bride and groom. If they do take pictures they will potentially ruin the official pictures. So many images are spoilt due to camera phones being used during the ceremony.

    As a guest you will honestly enjoy the ceremony so much more if you watch the day through your eyes and not through the back of a camera phone. After the ceremony get your cameras out.

  • Privacy Policy (GDPR 2018)

    If you would like a copy of my GDPR I will send a copy to you by request.